Saturday, August 24, 2013

2012 Nannuo Mountain Spring Bing

(Pu'er, Puer, Pu-erh)

 This was not a heavily anticipated tea for me.I Didn't even try it when it first arrived.  Honestly, this tea landed directly to my stock and patiently acclimated itself for a couple of months, waiting to be adored and appreciated as a fine tea of this quality should be. It's not to say Nannuo Mountain isn't "my cup of tea" it's that my preferences occupy the front of my mind like that favorite song you can't stop singing even if you want to. Well, I finally got over my obsessions and found out what I was missing. 

 My enthusiasm spiked as soon as I opened the wrapper. To say this is an attractive looking tea is an understatement, this cake is gorgeous! A sweet and highly appealing fragrance immediately filled the air and prompted the question, what have I been waiting for? 
        The fragrance of this tea is of special note; floral and abounding with sweetness. I will also be assertive enough to say this tea has plum fragrance, one of my favorite qualities in pu'er tea

 One of my favorite qualities of pu'er in general is complexity. I believe I can perceive the qualities of every other kind of tea within the
flavor and fragrance of exceptional quality pu'er. With that being said, when I first tasted this tea I distinguish the buttery and floral qualities of a Wen Shan Baozhong wulong (oolong). But it doesn't stop there, it also contains all the woody, earthy qualities pu'er is known for. Still further, this tea is abounding with a rich, but not overstated, sweetness that truly makes this tea exceptional.The mouth fill is thick and full. Bitterness is present but not as pronounced as the astringency, witch is typical of genuine Nannuo Mountain gushu (ancient tree) tea.

   With 6g of tea in a 150ml gaiwan, I was able to get 15 good steepings with the plum fragrance pervading through them all. I am excited to try this tea again and again, year after year as I'm sure it will age into something to be enjoyed over and over.

 Recommended food pairing: fresh green figs. Amazing! 

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