Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to Zomia Tea

Zomia Tea wishes to honor the countless generations of people throughout the tea-growing regions, through whose boundless efforts the world has come to receive a very special gift – Tea.

The heart of global tea culture is located in a region newly named Zomia – the upland frontier located across the borders of Southeast, South, and East Asia. Within Zomia we find Yunnan Province of southwestern China, containing some of the worlds oldest and largest tea trees. This is the birthplace of Camellia sinensis and home to the earliest peoples to consume and cultivate tea. And it is from the villages and tea gardens of Yunnan that Zomia Tea provides pu’er teas of exceptional quality.

Pursuit of tea has enriched the lives of countless people! Zomia Tea is dedicated to your physical and spiritual well-being. Our teas come from healthy tea gardens, are hand-processed, have the mark of culture, and support the sustainability of the peoples and ecologies that produce them.

Zomia tea is dedicated to high-quality teas and the art of tea preparation and appreciation. To savor tea is to savor the moment, to savor people is to savor life. Drink and enjoy, and don’t forget to share!


  1. Keep it up! Its a good start. Good Luck : ) ~ Toki

  2. Barry
    I just tried your submission link on your site and it didn't work. I lost your phone number. Give me a call at 510-594-1905 or email at